Together for a better future


Since 01.23

The Inspirational Journey of Giving

Welcome to OEURON.Shop - a place where shopping becomes a journey of the heart. The focus here is not on the mere exchange of goods, but on the valuable idea of ​​doing something good together. In our hearts, you, our valued customers, are more than just shoppers; They are members of a meaningful community of giving and support.

More than just a purchase

Every time you shop at OEURON.Shop, a small miracle unfolds. A lovingly determined donation share, already included in your purchase amount, finds its way to, an organization that takes dedicated care of orphans. With your contributions, caregivers and foster parents can shop at OEURON.Social free of charge, filling and warming the hearts and needs of the children.

But the is not all!

Not only do we want to support orphans, we also want to reward you, our valued clientele. Discounts & price campaigns at OEURON.Shop are always accompanied by a maximum of donations in order to maximize the positive impact on the lives of the orphans.

What made this trip so special might

The help & support given to children & young people is sure to ignite a loving spark of curiosity & creativity in them. With heart and determination, they bring important projects, such as those of UNICEF & UNESCO, into the public eye. By sharing social projects on, they initiate touching moments worldwide, for example on the long walks to school in rural areas. With bicycles and equipped with school supplies, these children not only compete in everyday school life, but also experience warm international encounters. The bright hearts and deep empathy of these young souls are a constant source of inspiration for all of us.

What makes our commitment special

Every donation, be it from your purchases or direct donations, reaches the children 100%. As a responsible company, we assume all administrative costs for, OEURON.Social and OEURON.News. In this way, we guarantee that each of your donated shares will directly benefit the projects and the prosperity of the children and young people.

Together we create

A touching combination of care and commitment. Your support not only gives the children a smile today, but inspires them to take action for a better future. Your purchase at OEURON.Shop is more than just a transaction - it is an act of love.

Together we create a future of compassion, education and love.

With deepest gratitude & cordiality we thank you for being part of this wonderful journey,

Your OEURON.Shop Team